Who am I?

Web Marketing Strategy

I there ! I am Aurora Rivera-Salinas, SEO consultant, Web Marketing Strategist and Website Analyst hero!

Originally from the south of Spain, I have a Master´s degree in Publicity & Public Relations from Universidad Complutense in Madrid. In the five years that I spent in the beautiful capital, I developed a love for Communication, foreign languages and people.

In 2012 I decided to move to Bordeaux (France), where I learnt french and earned a MBA in Web Marketing, that provided me a full knowledge of web marketing’s tools, as well as the oportunity to move to San Francisco and learn a whole new way of doing web business.

Actually living in Nantes and working for parisian and international clients, I am always searching for new communication projets, new professional relations and career opportunities. Web marketing has opened a fascinating world of possibilities that I discover every morning (after a good black coffee).

What I can do

My Skills

SEO -Search Engine Optimisation-

Optimising your website to be the first in Google’s natural results is a must-have for your company. A good strategist will help you optimize your website with optimised technique for SEO, with the best content and consumer experience and a great netlinking.

SEA -Search Engine Advertising-

I am well versed in the ways of Online advertising: Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube, Google Shopping, Market Places…  We will create a well studied strategy to create optimised campaigns.

Social Media

If you have a community, take care of it! My skills as Community Manager will allow your company to approach its public, knowing their needs and opinions, and driving you to success.

Press & Public Relations

On the internet not everything is between you and customers: build a good press relation. The press will help you to grow, to reach your audience and to raise a good corporate image.
Analytics 80%
Adwords 80%
WordPress 65%
Photoshop 60%
InDesign 40%
Magento 30%
English (speake/write) 70%
French (speake/write) 80%
Spanish (mother tongue) 100%

Search Foresight (Nantes-Paris)

Full traffic agency

  • SEO consultant
  • Full traffic strategist
  • Client relations
  • Newsletter & technical SEO article writer
  • SEO trainnings

Synodiance (Nantes-Paris)

Full traffic agency

Synodiance becomes Search Foresight in april 2015

  • SEO/SEA consultant
  • Full traffic strategist
  • Client relations

SOS Internet (Bordeaux)

E-reputation company

  • Strategy: study, creation & survey.
  • Google Adwords: Display.
  • Press Relations
  • Website Optimization
  • Community Management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Analytics
  • Customer service

Kaizen Marketing (Bordeaux)

Full traffic agency

  • Google Adwords: Search, Display, Remarketing, RLSA, SCM, DSA.
  • Lengow
  • Facebook campaigns

MACLA 2014 (Bordeaux)

Art event & exposition (personal project)

  • Strategy: visitors needs study, road map creation & survey
  • Press relations
  • Community Management

We Movie (France/Spain)

Film blog (personal projet)

  • Strategy: study, creation & survey
  • Community Management
  • Press relations
  • Website optimization
  • Analytics

Help Mobile (Bordeaux)

Mobile phone number franchise

  • Strategy: customer needs study, creation & survey
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Press relations
  • Community Management

Lausanne Jardins 2014 (Switzerland)

 Landscaping contest
  • Strategy: study & creation
  • Public Relation: sponsor research

Consulate General of Spain (Bordeaux)

Institutional communication

  • Customer service
  • Market study
  • Website optimization

Some of my ideas and thoughs


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Cups of Coffee (since I started working)
Kilometres Traveled (and enjoyed)
Songs Listened To (while working hard)


I use creativity as a daily tool. It allows me to approach problems from a different perspective. My studies of creativity have given me the ability to see opportunities where others see problems.
As Yoda said: To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle, or the night.




Inveterate follower of web marketing news, Twitter and marketing guru newsletters are my breakfast everyday. This allows me to stay up to date, to learn from the best ones and to apply new knowledge in my work.



Being competent in marketing and knowing the latest web marketing tools is no longer enough. Companies need profesionnals who can imagine, establish and manage the whole communication strategy, watching coherance between online and offline communication, monitoring results and improving the strategy.

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Things you should know about me

Photography lover

Photography lover

Geek lover

Geek lover

Sushi lover

Sushi lover

Ukulele & Elvis lover

Ukulele & Elvis lover

Bicycle lover

Bicycle lover

Puppy lover

Puppy lover

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